VillaNova is proud to contribute to the development of Lachine East, including the surroundings of the famous Lachine Canal.

Once a commercial shipping route, the Lachine Canal has long been a lever for economic development for what was then the largest industrial sector in Canada.

In 1871, the industrial zone of Lachine east situated along the canal banks was once the largest in the country with 600 industries!

Between 1896 and 1939 major chemical and steel companies settled on the western sector of the canal.

At its peak, the industries that border the canal (1929) employed nearly 25,000 workers, in what is now the Lachine East sector. Several famous companies have come to establish themselves and have prospered for decades. The most iconic was the Dominion Bridge, that built the largest steel-framed bridges on the North American continent. To name a few known bridges; Jacques Cartier Bridge (1929), and Golden Gate Bridge (1937)

The complete closure of the canal for commercial purposes, coupled with improved road transport, caused the industrial areas to decline.
The factories closed one after the other, leaving some tangible traces of that era.

The mission to revamp this industrial zone and create a unique community was undertaken by the VillaNova team.

Moreover, VillaNova’s sales office, located in a heritage building, is a concrete example of the value the developer wants to make during the planning of Lachine East with respect to maintaining the past history.

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